Braids were the rage back during the times of kings and Queens in Europe. Here is a simple cross-braid that takes inspiration from those times.

Step 1 – Start with a centre partition.

Step 2 – Take a small section of hair at the partition and make a simple three-strand braid. Secure the braid with an elastic band.

Step 3 – Take another section just below and make another three-strand braid.

Step 4 – Repeat the same on the other side.

Step 5 – Take the first braids from each side and cross them at the back. Secure it with a ‘U’ pin.

Step 6 – Take the second braid and cross it over with the tail of the first braid. Remove the elastic band from the first braid. (If you’re taking the second braid from the right, you will be crossing it with the tail of the braid from the left) Secure this cross with a ‘U’ pin as well.

Step 7 – Repeat the same on the other side.

Step 8 – Join the tails of the second braids and secure them with a single elastic band. You can remove the elastic bands of those braids and secure them.